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The Chek Plus suite of merchant payment processing services provides electronic billing, payment and financial management solutions to enable your business to control, manage and optimize your cash flow performance.

The speed with which business is being transformed because of the Internet generates new practices that require all enterprises evaluate and embrace new technologies. Traditional business models that many of us are familiar with are undergoing significant changes. Yet, successfully managing cash flow performance remains fundamental to all businesses, both large and small.

Chek Plus understands the value of efficient tools to help "close-the-loop" on managing corporate billing, small merchant billing, payments and treasury, and offers organizations a dynamic and convenient migration path for optimizing your cash flow performance.

Chek Plus can help. Whether your concern is improving ROI, streamlining payable practices to reduce cost or expanding your financial management capabilities... we have the business solutions for you.

Automated Payments - Automate Your Receivables & Increase Cash Flow
Our Electronic ACH and paper drafting services automate all your receivables, and improve the billing process for you and your customers. We also can automate your recurring credit card payments. Great for recurring and non-recurring payments.

Virtual Terminal - Our Next Generation web-based virtual terminal enables businesses to process both checks and credit cards from any computer in a secure, reliable, and cost effective fashion.           

Soft Terminal - Designed to be a Direct Replacement and Upgrade from POS Equipment. The high performance SoftTerminal product features the ability to process credit card transactions AND the ability to process electronic check transactions.
Phone Checks - Increase Profits & Reduced Lost Sales
Take any payment over the phone, fax or Internet and draft your customer's checking account quickly and efficiently.  Convenience for your customers; reliable, fast payment for you.
Electronic Check Conversion - Electronically Deposit Paper Checks at the Point of Sale
This can help eliminate chances of loss, reduce the banking fees paid by your organization, streamline your operations, and increase your useable cash flow. All this can be accomplished in just seconds by simply sliding a check through our check reader and by having the customer sign the approval receipt.
Verification Services - Your Check Protection System. Goes beyond standard check verification. Our exclusive ATMVerify service enables you to verify in seconds, the current status of your customer's bank account as reported by their bank. Works with paper or electronic check transactions. 
Direct Recovery - Collect your NSF Checks Electronically at No-Charge
Increase your chances of recovering your money from checks that are returned NSF (Non-Sufficient-Funds) by using our powerful Direct Recovery program. With Direct Recovery you can debit the check amount from your clientís bank account electronically. Businesses have reported an increased rate of recovery by as much as 80% while completely eliminating the exorbitant NSF fee banks charge on each additional attempt at collection.
Check Guarantee - More Check Approvals = More Profit!
We promise the highest percentage of approvals so you donít turn away customers. We will take the extra risk and guarantee 50% fewer declines than our competition or we will pay the set up fee for the merchant to return to their previous check guarantee company. Our CheckNow program offers a guarantee solution for your phone and fax order customers. Our ChecksByNet service gives web-store merchants the ability to accept guaranteed checks over the Internet.
Business Opportunity - Want To Be In A Residual-Based Income Business?
Interested in offering these types of services, and more, to businesses? Learn more how we can assist you in developing a residual income based cash flow management services business. Includes three days training at your location at no extra charge. 
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