The Need for Check Guarantee Grows as the Frequency of Check Use Increases, Credit Card Rates Soar and Fraud Escalates.

Our Check Guarantee service is an inexpensive way to increase sales and eliminate the risk associated with bad checks.

Our Premium Approval Feature allows the merchant to accept virtually every check he/she receives. Our competition typically declines 8-10% of all checks. Those declines represent lost revenue.

We are proud to provide the highest percentage of approvals in the industry. Our Premium Approval feature guarantees 50% fewer declines than our competition, or we will pay the setup fee for the merchant to return to the previous check guarantee company (up to $95.00). 

  • Designed for all business types.

  • Coverage - All purchases for all business types.

  • Maximizes every potential sales opportunity.

  • Decreases lost sales due to declined checks.

  • Allows merchants to increase their sales without added risk.

  • Especially effective for high ticket retailers. Many competitors' declines increase as transaction amounts increase.

Premium Approval Features

  • Liberal Approvals - It is in our best interest to provide the merchant with the highest percentage of authorizations. More sales equal more profits!

  • "Hassle Free" Claim Payments - We offer more flexible claims. We require basic information for check approval but we understand human error if something is omitted.

  • Competitive Savings - We are willing to beat any recognized competitor's program cost by 10%.

  • Fastest Check Approvals - Check approvals are complete within seconds of merchants calling our 800 number or entering information into their point-of-sale terminal.

  • No Claim Forms - We just require merchants to mail the check and the debit advice from the bank and we take care of the rest.

  • Excellent Floor Plan - Our floor plan begin at $100.00. That means that any check under $100.00 needs no phone call, or terminal approval.

  • Acceptance of Canadian Checks - We approve out-of-state and Canadian checks.


Web-store merchants can accept guaranteed checks over the Internet and print the checks out at their store location. This service will increase sales for merchants that realize the Internet's potential and take advantage of it.


Here's the solution for our phone and fax order customers! Do you worry about payment when you ship orders COD? Have you ever turned down a phone order because your customer didn't have a credit card? With our CheckNow program, you have the assurance of a guaranteed payment while your customers have the convenience and choice of paying by check.