What are Phone Checks??

Phone Checks gives you the ability to accept payment over the phone for goods or services that would normally be mailed in by your customers.

Your customer can authorize you to create a draft on his or her bank account as a means of payment for your goods or services purchased over the telephone.  Once you have authorization from the customer, you are in control of being paid.

Increase Your Market and Your Profits.

Less than half of the American buying public even owns a credit card.  And you are probably already accepting checks from these customers.   Why not take advantage of the convenience and financial benefits of accepting checks over the phone?  Many businesses already accept checks over the phone or fax as with a credit card.

  • Immediate payment of goods and services

  • Up to 100% larger market - instantly

  • Reduce or eliminate lost sales

  • Reduced in-house paperwork

  • A payment option that costs less than accepting credit cards

  • Collection of past due accounts over the phone

  • Easy implementation