SoftTerminal is perfect for processing transactions for all types of business. Whether your business is retail, telephone order, mail order, Internet or service industry based - Soft Terminal is the perfect choice to handle your financial transaction processing needs. 

SoftTerminal product has been designed to be a direct replacement and upgrade from the POS equipment from the past. It features the ability to process credit card transactions AND the ability to process electronic check transactions.

SoftTerminal is a Windows based application that provides companies lightning fast transaction processing capabilities through a secure Internet connection (SSL v3.0). By using a constant connection through the Internet, Soft Terminal is able to provide you lightning fast authorizations that could only previously be obtained by using expensive dedicated leased lines.

SoftTerminal also supports a number of credit card readers and check readers and is compliant with the latest regulations to assure that you'll be getting the best interchange rates available.


* Lightning fast authorizations
* Support for Visa's e-commerce indicator (ECI)
* Support for Purchase Card Level II transactions
* All data stored on your computer and transmitted is encrypted for you and your customer's protection.
* Comprehensive suite of reports to manage and track your transactions
* Support for ALL major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB
* Supports the latest anti-fraud features such as Address Verification Services (AVS) in addition to CVV2 and CVC2 support
* Multi-user support with several levels of security including transaction type and amount limiting and feature limiting.