Your Check Protection System. Goes beyond check verification. It electronically networks various locations together to help filter out fraud at point-of-sale.

This is powerful software that's a valuable addition to your ACH Direct suite of services.

DIRECTVerify is your check acceptance supervisor. It uses a computerized system that constantly monitors check activity at your locations, while following your customized parameters.

For example, you decide how many checks you will accept from any location, employee or staff member, you decide if they have refund privileges or what amount requires a supervisor OK. At its heart is a constantly updated record of your customer's check writing information, generated in real-time from our national database.


Takes only a few seconds and costs only a few pennies per transaction, using typical credit card equipment that you already have in place. Can you really afford not to have it?

When fraudulent check writers quickly move from store to store, cashing a check at each location, it is called the "Quick Hop." This criminal practice can do a great deal of damage in a short time. DIRECTVerify lets you lock out a check from an account with a returned item and notifies our national database to protect other merchants from fraud.

The only way to stop losses before they occur is to maintain a constant vigil on all check activity across multiple sites, which DIRECTVerify makes possible. Hot lists rarely work because they depend on busy clerks to read them. DIRECTVerify does what humans cannot. It pays attention all the time.


One of our most powerful prevention tools in the fight against bad check writers is ATMVerify.

ATMVerify offers two distinct levels of verification. 

Level 1 - ATMVerify is able to verify in real-time, through a direct electronic query to the check writer’s financial institution, if the checking account currently has sufficient funds to cover the amount of the presented check. 

Level 2 - ATMVerify is able to determine if the account is, as of opening of that business day, an open, valid account with positive funds. If neither Level 1 nor Level 2 verification produce results, ATMVerify can be set to query one or more of the largest negative databases of known bad check writers.

ATMVerify can be used at the point of sale, for Web or telephone-based transactions, and a variety of other methods where checking account verification capabilities are needed. ATMVerify can be integrated with your existing systems, shopping cart software or any of our software products such as VirtualTerminal, DirectBilling or SoftTerminal.

ATMVerify Applications

* Check acceptance at retail (point of sale)
* Bill pay (utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc.)
* Online orders
* Telephone or mail orders
* Credit card companies

Level II Features

* Participation by most major financial institutions
* Account information updated each business day
* Identify open valid accounts

Level I Features

* Automated real-time sufficient funds verification
* Also identifies closed, frozen and non-existent accounts
* Growing list of participating financial institutions

Real-Time Check Verification

* Reduce bad check acceptance
* Two levels of verification
* Largest source of account information in the world
* Sub-six second response times
* Batch mode option for large volumes

In the past, check verification services have been limited to large negative databases of known bad check writers combined with infrequently updated databases of known good accounts. This method of loss prevention has had very limited success as check losses in the United States has steadily increased.